Case 7
Case 7
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Title Why I Say It
Kanji だからこそ言う
Rōmaji Dakara Koso Iu
Release Date December 18th, 2012
Arc White Joker Organization Arc
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Why I Say It (だからこそ言う, Dakara Koso Iu) is the 7th Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

Burning scientist

Ragins merciless attack.

A member of Mavro suddenly invades the White Joker's base. In front of the huge monster which accompany the Mavro, Alan Blackman reveals his true color. Alan starts fidgeting inside his mind on the size and how they should engage the said monster. Noticing there are a few scientists being held captive, Heidi initiate the attack by unleashing his Air Slicer which saves the scientists in the process. However, the black clothed man suddenly appears behind one of the scientists and releases a powerful electric discharge on him. After killing the scientist, the mysterious man who called himself Ragins proceeds on destroying the base by releasing electric discharge on the base's main pillar which collapsing the ceiling.

Alan Resonance

Alan enters the fight.

Heidi doesn't idly stand by and uses his Gravity Push to hold the debris while Mira Caldicott and Chitose Toriiooji evacuate the scientists and securing the research data. In the mean while, Alan who is still fidgeting inside, snapped after hearing Ragins continuous condescending on them. He then quickly activates the hammer and threaten the kill him. Alan proceeds on facing the so-called "puppet" of Ragins. While concealing his fear deep inside, Alan starts releasing Sonic Shockwave against the puppet which doesn't showing much results. Ragins explains that Alan's futile attacks is because he had enhanced the puppet which he received from Killed with his electricity, increasing the puppets strength.

Alan captive

Alan in a crisis.

As the fight continues, the puppet finally grab a hold of Alan. Ragins who condescendingly confirms his victory was silenced as Alan utters his true motive. Alan reveals that all his previous attacks were a strategy for a constructive Resonance technique which further elaborate by Heidi to be an attack where a few shockwaves constructively amplified each other creating an interference. At the end, Alan stands victorious as the puppet self-destructs from the interference build up inside it.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Flight
    • Air Slicer
    • Gravity Push
  • Electricity Manipulation
    • Electric Discharge
  • Acoustic Resonance
    • Sonic Shockwave
    • Sound Amplification

Trivia Edit

  • The fight between Alan Blackman and Ragins' puppet is the impersonation of the fight between David and Goliath in the old testament where David won with an unexpected method.

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