Case 6
Case 6
Case Information
Title White Joker
Kanji ホワイトジョーカー
Rōmaji Howaito Jōkā
Release Date December 12th, 2012
Arc White Joker Organization Arc
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White Joker (ホワイトジョーカー, Howaito Jōkā) is the 6th Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

In the midst of conflict between Heidi and Alan Blackman, a young girl named Mira arrives and ask Heidi to join the group called the White Joker.
Mira demands an explanation

Mira demands an explanation.

Despite of this proposition, Heidi passively rejects their offer saying that he already got his hands full even by himself. This statement of his, prompts Alan to threaten Heidi that he will only return the apple if Heidi agreed to join them which sparks another conflict between them as Heidi demands not only his apple but the hammer as well. Mira who kept being rejected by Heidi, resorted in mentioning that the organization might had some connection with Heidi's past. Heidi then decides that he will take a look of this organization after hearing Mira's little intel.
Returning to White Joker

On their way to White Joker's base.

On their way to White Joker's base which located underground beneath the Museum, Mira asks Chitose whether she is familiar with the Apocalyptic Discourse. Chitose replies by asking if she is talking about the theory about the end of the world and mankind which then she further elaborate by mentioning some possible apocalyptic examples. A horrified Chitose, argued that most of those examples has a low possibility of happening which Mira answered by mentioning the possibility of those examples being engineered by humans. As they reached their destination, Mira further elaborates about the existance of a group of Eureka users and the reason for White Joker's establishment by the United Nations.


Mavro's silhouette.

Witnessing a magnificent White Joker's base, Heidi starts loitering around while touching everything on sights before being stopped by Alan Blackman. After mentioning about the special power the Eureka holds, Mira explains that an attempt to combine those great powers will end in cataclysm. For the reason of preventing this to happen, White Joker was established. She also reveals the existence of Mavro, a group of people who unlike Heidi and Alan that has their body mutated to adapt with the Eureka, members of Mavro had their genes calibrated even before they were born which creates a species different from a normal human.

Haiji's past encounter

A mysterious man in Heidi's past.

Revealing about Mavro, Mira then tells them one of the incident which revolves around them. The incident was about a mass number of glowing corpses found covering a huge area. Heidi is suddenly filled with excitement to find another piece of his past. As Mira mentions about Mavro's attire, Heidi started to remember about a man appearing in his past who was covered in black clothing which also the reason he despises Alan. Subsequently, Alan notices that it has become quite noisy outside. An explosion occurs, from the dust appears a single man in black attires accompanied by a huge monster. However, this predicament seems to have been predicted as Mira calmly says that the Mavro has finally found them.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Flight

Trivia Edit

  • The Apocalyptic Discourse that Mira mentioned is referenced from the Testaments.

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