White Joker
Those who devour the knowledge
Name Information
Kanji ホワイトジョーカー
Rōmaji Howaito Jōkā
General Information
Location London, England (Branch)
Rome, Italy (Medical Facility)
France (Branch)
Manga Case 6

White Joker (ホワイトジョーカー, Howaito Jōkā) is the secret World Science Rescue Intelligence created by the United Nations to deal with unnatural subjects, such as the Eureka and Mavro's actions.

Description Edit

Nosy Haiji

Heidi analyzing a White Joker's computer.

The organization is connected to the United Nations, thus making it worldwide, with branches of operation, that look like laboratories.[1] It seems to possess a large amount of technological apparatus, going from high-tech communication devices to personal planes.[2] They also seem to be privileged in some aspects, allowing his members to act as important people in renowned places,[3] as well to cover events and place their details in in secrecy.[4]

Besides operations in field, the White Joker also undergoes experiments to know more about the Eureka.[5] They also have a good communication system, which allows them to be aware of the abnormal events, like the awakening of an Eureka.[6] Additionally, they have a headquarters, where their apparent leader operates.[7]

Goal Edit

The main purpose of the organization is to prevent apocalyptic events caused by the power of Eureka in the hands of wicked people like the Mavro.[8] Therefore, the White Joker normally targets the attainment of Eureka and the destruction of the rival organization.[9]

A greater project, known under the codename of Hungry Joker (ハングリージョーカー, Hangurī Jōkā), was revealed to be undergoing by upper echelon's members. It was possible due to Heidi's awakening of superior powers thanks to his Hybrid nature between Human and Mavro, and, according to his sponsor, the goal of this project is to strike the Mavros back for making them their "prey" in the past; therefore, the humans would become the "eaters", hence the project's name.

Members & Method Acting Edit


White Joker's members' coats.

The organization is composed by several scientists, that operates in the laboratory-alike bases of the organization. White Joker also counts with Eureka users as combatants, the so-called Geniuses (天才, Tensai). A common trait between them is the use of white coats, similar to the ones worn in laboratories by scientists, and Eureka adapters seem to have a symbol on their coats related to the Eureka they use. In addition, it's common for them to work with partners, that are called Assistants (助手, Joshu).[10], although there are members that prefer to work alone.[11]

Usually, the members are sent into missions, that can have several goals, such as luring a Mavro to obtain their Eureka or investigate a paranormal phenomenon. The members also seem to respond to a yet unnamed leader, that provides them reports and congratulates them for successful missions.

List of MembersEdit

Name Role Status
Heidi's SponsorUpper Echelon memberActive
HeidiEureka user (Newtonian Apple)Active
Chitose ToriioojiHeidi's Assistant
Eureka user (Landsteinerian Paint)
Alan BlackmanEureka user (Pythagorean Hammer)Active
Mira CaldicottAlan's AssistantActive
Vivian BlanchardEureka user (Sumerian Ruby)Active
Nils LeesEureka user (Heronian Aeolipile)Active
Riz AquilantiDoctor
Eureka user (Roentgenian Fluorescent Paper)
MedicoRiz's AssistantActive


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