Case 19
Case 19
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Title What I Desired
Kanji 欲してるのは
Rōmaji Hoshiteru no Wa
Release Date March 27th, 2013
Arc Blood Ties Arc
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What I Desired (欲してるのは, Hoshiteru no Wa) is the 19th Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

While Chitose Toriiooji is still denying the possibility of her wielding an Eureka, a man cloaked in black suit approaches the White Joker members. The said man then mention that finding compatibility between an Eureka and its wielder is unnecessary. As Riz Aquilanti quickly scans him using his X-ray Vision, the said man gives his reasoning of all Eureka should belong only to the Gods.

White Joker gentlemen

The White Joker stand unfazed against the Mavro.

Riz Aquilanti quickly confirms him to be a member of Mavro to which Heidi activates his apple's power. Heidi then starts condescending the man of Mavro because he had already stand victorious against two Mavros before and the said Mavro is up against two White Jokers. The unknown man then proceed on explaining that Ragins and Dodomekis are Mavros of the Angel-class and far from reaching the God-class such as him. As Riz realize the difference of the Mavro in front of him, the said man calmly ask them to stand down to which Heidi indifferently refused. Angered by Heidi, the man activates his power where two different symbols are appearing on his eyes. Riz who realize the danger of the man quickly escapes while dragging Haiji and Chitose with him. Unfortunately, the Mavro is able to stop them as they reach the exit and wounding Riz in the process.

God class Mavro

God-class Mavro wielding two Eurekas.

The God-class Mavro then reveals the two Eurekas that he wields, surprising Heidi and Chitose. While the said Mavro still looking down on the inferiority of the White Joker members, he already launches his next attack towards Chitose. Fortunately, Heidi is able to push him away with his Gravity Manipulation. However, the laser that was aimed to Chitose change its direction and hit Heidi in the chest which resulted him to be grievously injured and lose a lot of blood.
Haiji and Chitose combining their powers

Heidi and Chitose ready for counter attacks.

Heidi who sees Chitose by his side filled with worries, quickly calms her down while realizing his closing death. Chitose who is filled with griefs, starts desiring powers to stop her instructor's bleeding. She then looks at the painting and reconfirms her desire of the Landsteinerian Paint's power. While the God-class Mavro starts demanding for them to hand over the painting, Chitose can be seen still intensifying her desire for the paint's power of blood.

A body of dark-colored liquid suddenly seep out of the "Crimson Full Moon" and merges with Chitose's body. It surprises even Riz Aquilanti who concludes that Chitose's desires come from her experiences with Heidi in which give her a strong tenacity to be of help for him. As Chitose starts to realize her true role as Heidi's support, the dark liquid starts to envelop her whole body in a form of a dress. Subsequently, as she manages to save Heidi with her power of blood, Heidi prepares for counter attacks.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • X-ray Vision
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Flight
    • Gravity Push
  • Light Emission
    • Invisibility
    • Laser Field
    • Homing Laser
  • Reflection Field
    • Invisibility
    • Laser Field
    • Homing Laser
  • Blood Manipulation


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