Case 5
Case 5
Case Information
Title The Man from the Museum
Kanji 博物館の男
Rōmaji Hakubutsukan no Otoko
Release Date December 5th, 2012
Arc White Joker Organization Arc
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The Man from the Museum (博物館の男, Hakubutsukan no Otoko) is the 5th Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

Haiji analyzing

Heidi's blatant research.

In the middle of the crowdedness of the British Royal Museum, Alan Blackman can be seen standing and complaining about the Museum's noisiness while guarding the exhibited hammer. As he ignores the little kid who keeps bothering him, Alan witnesses an outstanding scene where Heidi is boldly analyzing the hammer on display.

Hammer activated

Alan while activating the hammer.

Chitose quickly asks her instructor to stop his action while saying that there's a scary curator watching over them. Heidi, ignoring everything she says, asks her to negotiate with the Museum so that they can give him the hammer which Chitose blatantly rejects. Accidentally, Chitose trips of an unknown reason and breaks the hammer. Her action resulted in them being taken by the security for interrogation. As the tall man asks his colleague to leave, Heidi reveals that the hammer in the exhibition is a fake and accuse the man to be the one who possesses the actual hammer. Hearing Heidi's prejudice, Alan counter his argument by taking his apple and tells them that he already heard about the him who awakens the Newtonian Apple. Subsequently, he reveals the real Pythagorean Hammer and threaten to kill them while activating the hammer's power.

Mira intervene

Someone interferes the fight.

However, Heidi didn't come unprepared as he already slipped a piece of the apple on his mouth. As he activated the apple's power, he easily breaks free from his detainment and challenges Alan to a fight. As they about to engage one another, a petite young girl enters the chamber and shout in a really loud noise which surprises all of them. She quickly goes to Alan's side and hits him in the groin for acting outside of the mission. After she finishes dealing with Alan's behavior, she happily invites Heidi to join their group in the task on saving the world. The said group calls themself the White Joker.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Gravity Push
    • Flight

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, the Pythagorean Hammer is only considered as a legend and no such hammer is being displayed in the British Museum.

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