Case 10
Case 10
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Title The Labyrinth of Mist
Kanji 霧の迷宮
Rōmaji Kiri no Meikyū
Release Date January 23rd, 2013
Arc Labyrinth of Mist Arc
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The Labyrinth of Mist (霧の迷宮, Kiri no Meikyū) is the 10th Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

In the province of Quercy, France, the townspeople are gathering to witness as the mist are getting thicker as the time passes. A suspicion arise whether this phenomenon is the work of a Witch.

Mission briefing

Preparing for their first mission.

In the mean while, Heidi and Chitose Toriiooji are seen in a plane heading to France to perform their very first mission as members of White Joker. As they read the basic intel on the mission, Mira Caldicott briefly explains to them that another member of the organization will also be participating in the mission. This particular news relieves Heidi as he doesn't have to see the face of Alan Blackman which disturb Alan as he heard it.

Unknown WJ leader

Unknown leader of White Joker.

Mira then further informs them that this fellow member is the so-called "Steel Woman" in which eventhough Alan looks perfectly cool about it, he is actually frightens as he doesn't want to be paired with her again. After Mira finishes her briefing, she then proceeds on contacting the Headquarter of White Joker to report on the latest issue. She also inform their leader that Heidi is still "human" and that another member will also be watching him through out the mission.

Viviane full

Vivian's extravagant entry.

Arrived in the Quercy Region of France, Heidi and Chitose witness an extravagant entrance. The "Steel Woman" makes her entry by floating above ground in her palanquin and showering them with roses while introducing herself as Vivian Blanchard. Unfazed by her entry, Heidi activates his Newtonian Apple and forcefully takes her down to the ground. Vivi manages to survive and starts showering Chitose with tantrum while witnessing Heidi dismantles her palanquin. Heidi then further enrages her by mentioning her flat chest which awarded him with a punch in the face. After another slight ruckus, Chitose starts to explain the objective of the mission and mention about the possibility of an involvement of a Witch.

Mist Labyrinth

Entering the Mist Labyrinth.

After their short briefing, the three of them arrive at the suspect's house. Ignorant as always, Heidi and Vivi boldly enters but only seeing an empty room. Chitose who follows their lead, enters and welcomed by an eerie figure. As Chitose screams, the man also screams to his surprise. Later on, he introduces himself as Nils Lees and tells them that his grandmother is the rumored Witch. Hearing that Nils has been waiting for her grandma's return, Heidi took the initiative and carry all of them straight to the Mist Labyrinth to meet Nils' Grandmother. As they prepare to make their entrance, a hazy figure is seen lurking inside the labyrinth.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Gravity Push
    • Flight
  • Hand to Hand Combat


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