Case 8
Case 8
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Title The Have-Nots
Kanji 持たざる者
Rōmaji Motazarumono
Release Date December 27th, 2012
Arc White Joker Organization Arc
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The Have-Nots (持たざる者, Motazarumono) is the 8th Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

Rosalie watches battle

Rosalie watching the fight.

In a dark chamber away from the White Joker's base, Rosalie can be seen enjoying herself watching the fight. Killed enters while wondering whether Rosalie knows anything about his missing puppet. Rosalie who doesn't know how to inform him, reveals that it is already shredded to pieces. Although, it doesn't seem to bother Killed as he was actually intended to wreck the puppet himself.

Ragins swallowing the amber

Ragins revealing the Thales' Amber.

Back in the White Joker's base, as Alan Blackman about to engage himself against Ragins, Mira Caldicott informs Heidi that he is no longer need to support the debris in which he nonchalantly release without caring about his surrounding. Alan who survive the debris was then praised by Heidi for his feat of defeating the puppet whilst Alan suspecting him trying to kill him. Later on, Ragins finally reveals his electricity manipulating Eureka in which Heidi predicted to be the Thalesian Amber. As Heidi and Alan demand for Ragins to hand over the Eureka, they were taken by surprise by Ragins' Lightning Bolt without a way to counter it.

Chitose and Mira complete their task

The assistants completed their task.

In other place, Mira and Chitose finally completed their attempt on securing the research data. After seeing her instructor being mercilessly attacked, Chitose fears the possibility of his death. Mira then quickly heads over to the scene but being held by Chitose for the dangerous level of their fight. Mira then tells Chitose that she is Alan's assistant and together, she and Alan, have found a way for Mira to be of help. As she leaves, Mira also encourages Chitose to find her role as Haiji's assistant.

Healing Frequency

Mira acts as an amplifier.

Back into the fight, Mira had turned the field into a complete darkness to sneak into Alan's side. Alan then briefly tells Heidi how Mira is his amplifier through countless of research which almost cost her own life. However, beyond her prediction, Ragins was able to locate her and directly sends a lightning bolt, taking her down. Before Ragins is able to deliver the final blow, Chitose ambush him by pouring a bucket of oil all over his body. The oils render him unable to discharge electricity due to the sparks emitted that could burn him in the spot. Through this confusion, Alan manages to emit Healing Frequency with Mira as the amplifier. Ragins who feels that he doesn't need his Eureka to kill Chitose, quickly strangles her. A recovered Heidi quickly saves her and praises her for job well done while preparing to challenge Ragins for the second time.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Electricity Manipulation
    • Lightning Bolt
  • Acoustic Resonance
    • Healing Frequency
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Flight
    • Gravity Push
    • Gravity Pull

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