Case 23
Case 23
Case Information
Title The Greedy Trump Card
Kanji 貪欲な切り札
Rōmaji Don'yokuna Kirifuda
Release Date April 22nd, 2013
Arc Deicide Arc
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The Greedy Trump Card (貪欲な切り札, Don'yokuna Kirifuda) is the 23rd Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

As Alan Blackman declares that their trump card had already enter the fray, Heidi and Chitose activate their respective Eureka. While Killed compliments that Heidi is the most interesting being, the young scientist states that he had already possesses all the knowledge required to fight the Mavro in equal ground. The White Joker then initiates the fight and launches his Black Hole attack towards the Mavro while at the same time, back in New York Rosalie mentions that humans' evolution are God's responsibility.

Killed stopping the black hole

Killed dispelling the black hole.

The moment the black hole is about to hit him, Killed activates his second Eureka, the Darwinian Seed and forcefully able to dispel the attack with his hand. As he manages to stop Heidi's attack, Killed then claims that he also has evolved into an even higher level and any attacks will be rendered useless against him.

The newly evolved Mavro then quickly sends a devastating thrust attack, rendering Heidi immobilized as Rosalie confirms to them that the Gods will always be victorious. At the same time, Killed also declares himself as the strongest being on Earth to which Heidi pitied him as due to his power, he will always be alone. The young scientist then explains to him that rising to power alone is useless and that being stronger alongside his comrades is the true strength. Killed who feels ridiculed by Heidi's point of view challenges him to exhibit the power he highly regarded to which Heidi as he equips his surgical mask, proceeds on initiating their final experiment.

Chitose creating Hungry Joker pills

Chitose manipulating her comrades blood.

Chitose Toriiooji then begins the experiment and unwraps a series of experimental tube filled with the blood of the five White Joker members. Through her Blood Manipulation, the assistant quickly manufactures five different Hungry Joker Pills from the said blood samples.

Heidi's power of Eden

The power of the Fruit of Knowledge.

All the sample are then unexpectedly being consumed by the Newtonian Apple and Heidi then explains that by going through that process, they manage to create the perfect Eureka. Referencing from the old testament, the so-called "fruit of Genesis", Heidi called the said perfect Eureka as the Edenic Fruit of Knowledge. Suddenly, Heidi's mask got ripped apart creating a jaw like figure that swallows the fruit as a whole. Activating the Eureka, Heidi manages to yet again evolved and as he disintegrated Killed's binding on him, he asks the Mavro to witness his power carefully.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Black Hole
  • Blood Manipulation
  • Genetic Mutation
    • Self-mutation


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