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Title The Apple of Discovery
Kanji 発見の果実リンゴ
Rōmaji Hakken no Ringo
Release Date April 4th, 2013
ISBN Code 978-4-08-870723-5
Pages 192
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The Apple of Discovery (発見の果実リンゴ, Hakken no Ringo) is the 1st Volume of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Synopsis Edit

A young scientist, Heidi, discovers a peculiar glowing corpse in the middle of the night. While analyzing the said corpse alongside his assistant, Chitose Toriiooji, it suddenly transformed into a monster and starts rampaging. Heidi manages to defeat the monster after taking the risk and consumes a peculiar Black Apple in which granted him the power to manipulate gravity.

The next day, a mysterious figure covered in black clothing launches an assault on the hospital where Heidi is admitted with an army of transformed glowing corpses monster. The mysterious person also reveals the existence of a supernatural items called the Eureka. At the end of the fight, Heidi quickly arrange a plan to head for England in order to search another item of the so-called Eureka.

Unknowingly, arriving at the British Royal Museum, an organization related to the Eurekas' existence suddenly invites the young scientist to enter their organization, the White Joker. In the organization, Heidi learns various information such as; the identity of the previous mysterious figure to be a member of a dark organization known as the Mavro. Not long after that, a member of the said organization invades the White Joker's base and it is up to Heidi and a member of White Joker, Alan Blackman, to stop the Mavro's assault.

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