Landsteinerian Paint
Paint square
Name Information
Kanji ラントシュタイナーの絵の具
Rōmaji Rantoshutainā no Enogu
Item Information
Type Material (Paint)
Wielder Chitose Toriiooji
Other Adapters Karl Landsteiner
Manga Case 19

The Landsteinerian Paint (ラントシュタイナーの絵の具, Rantoshutainā no Enogu) is the Eureka that is currently in Chitose Toriiooji's possession.


Chitose merging with Eureka

Merging with Chitose's body.

Initially, this particular paint was used to simply paint pictures, and it came into tubes of paint. It particularly had a strong crimson color, being used to paint the "Crimson Full Moon", where it remained until the current events. Even though made into a picture, the Paint still retained its powers and its ability to get embedded with their chosen Eureka-compatible individuals.

Its embedment with Chitose Toriooji occured when the girl declared to herself her strong will to possess it, causing the paint to come out of the picture and fuse itself with Chitose. Therefore, Chitose is able to use her powers at her will.



Helene painting

Helene painting using the Eureka.

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Karl Landsteiner

Karl Landsteiner as shown in the manga.

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