Case 21
Case 21
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Title Humans vs. Gods
Kanji 人間 vs.バーサス
Rōmaji Ningen Bāsasu Kami
Release Date April 10th, 2013
Arc Deicide Arc
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Humans vs. Gods (人間 vs.バーサス 神, Ningen Bāsasu Kami) is the 21st Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

Rosalie in NYC

Rosalie gazing over New York City.

Reminiscing about all of the horrible events in the past such as the epidemic black death in Europe, which they are labelled as God's experiments, Rosalie can be seen gazing over the night life in New York City, United States. While she reconfirms the approval of her unleashing her power, a couple members of Mavro have started their assault all over the world. One of them begins to cover the city of Moscow, Russia, with ice and utters that he will beautifully kill all of the "filthy" humans. At the same time, another Mavro starts to show his wicked affection towards the citizens of Beijing, the capital of China, by detonating a series of explosions within the city.

Fortunately, the White Joker has also initiate their plan and despatch a few members to intercept the Mavros. Vivian Blanchard head to China and as the wicked Mavro begins to belittle her, she quickly argues by saying that there is still humans whom would not lose to "Gods" such as him. In Russia, Nils Lees confidently orders the Mavro to stop his actions as he rides his Mist Minotaur.

Alan and Mira arrive in NYC

Alan and Mira arrive to stop Rosalie.

Back in New York, Rosalie starts reminiscing as she is confronted by Alan Blackman and Mira Caldicott whom she remembers as the humans that killed Ragins with the aid of Heidi. As Alan activates his Hammer's power, he is then calmly starting a conversation with her. The moment Rosalie starts to compliment him about his look, Alan can be seen giving her a cold responses even though he is actually being confused deep inside his mind. Seeing Alan seems to be flirting with Rosalie, Mira quickly punish her partner and begins her own argument with the Mavro lady. At the end, Rosalie who felt being belittled by Mira whom is not an Eureka user, begins to muster her power while mentioning that only Heidi whom is the brother of Nacht that could stand against a Mavro like her.

Eureka enhanced forms

The White Jokers evolve into the Hungry Jokers.

As the other Mavro begins to unleash his attack on Nils, the timid White Joker reveals their so-called secret weapon in which manufactured by Heidi and Chitose Toriiooji. Vivian then further explains that the said pills are able to enhanced the user's Eureka-compatibility into a higher level. Alan, Nils and Vivi then proceed on consuming the pills and suddenly a glow of energies arises where Vivi manages to slice her opponent's arm before he even managed to react. The young lady then reveals that she and the others have evolve into the God devouring humans, the Hungry Jokers.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Low Temperature Manipulation
    • Sub-zero Exposure
  • Explosion Detonation
    • Multiple Blast
  • Steam Manipulation
    • Mist Minotaur
  • Metal Manipulation
    • Metallic Body
    • Blade Forging
  • Sonic Resonance


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