As long as you’re afraid of failing and would rather suffer and worry without even trying, there isn’t but a single thing you’ll understand. If there's something you want to know about.. you ought to ascertain yourself! Capture and grasp the truth!

— To Nils Lees in Groping About in the Fog

Haiji Profile
Name Information
Kanji ハイジ
Rōmaji Haiji
Alias Barschheit (バルシュハイト, Barushuhaito)[1]
Doctor (博士, Hakase)
Mysterious Genius Scientist Boy (謎の天才少年科学者, Nazo no Tensai Shōnen Kagaku-sha)[2]
Apple Man (リンゴ男, Ringo Otoko)[3]
Character Information
Status Alive
Species Human and Mavro Hybrid
Gender Male Male
Age 14+
Height 157 cm
Weight 45 kg
Eyes Light Green
Hair Light Blue
Occupation Scientist
White Joker's Member (Eureka User)
Skills information
Eureka Newtonian Apple
Edenic Fruit of Knowledge
Ability Gravity Manipulation
Nationality Japanese
Loyalty White Joker
Unnamed Research Institute (Former)
Partner(s) Chitose Toriiooji (Assistant)
Workplace Heidi's Laboratory (Former)
Nacht (older brother)[4]
Manga Case 1
Image Gallery

Heidi (ハイジ, Haiji) is the main protagonist of the Hungry Joker manga series. He is a young scientist that was able to awaken the power of his mysterious Black Apple.[5] To find out about his unknown past, Heidi joins the White Joker organization alongside his assistant Chitose Toriiooji.[6] He is called Barschheit (バルシュハイト, Barushuhaito) by Nacht, his older brother, and the only person that Heidi recalls from his past's memories.[7]

Personality Edit

Indifferent Haiji

Heidi's indifference.

Heidi is a very smart and intelligent scientist, known by his famed title "Mysterious Genius Scientist Boy" even at a so young age.[2] As a scientist, he has an extremely serious behavior, doesn't getting distracted by any sort of events when working,[8] and hardly getting impressed or amazed by things that most people would.[9] Despite this, he is a very determined person, as he studied and research during his entire life to find out the truth behind Glowing Corpse and the Black Apple in order to discover the truth about himself.[10] He has a strong scientific orientation, following the philosophy "to enter the uncharted waters with the glee is what being a scientist means",[11] and a certain skepticism about Gods.[12] Because of this, to acquire knowledge, Heidi has been shown to be willing to sacrifice even his own life.[13]

Smiling Haiji

Heidi happy with a deduction.

Heidi has an unusual amaze over things that people would normally consider weird, awkward,[14] or even dangerous,[15] that, alongside his unscathed calmness over frightening situations[16] make Heidi a little understandable person by many. Impressively, even in diverse cases involving risk and danger, Heidi keeps serene and analytic, making him a bold and steadfast person. On the other hand, Heidi is very straightforward, acting regardless of others' opinions, what combined with his other traits sometimes makes him annoying or weird to other people.[17] However, he's quite polite in some instances, as shown in his treatment to his assistant and her family.[18] His normal expressions are emotionless and indifferent even before the most varied situations, with Heidi rarely smiling to show a clear happiness, situations that often occur when Heidi is before something that excites him to find out about.[19] Outside of these traits, Heidi can occasionally have psychological weakness such as fear, mainly when he or his comrades are in the brink of the death.[20]

Haiji protects Chitose

Heidi protects Chitose.

Heidi's values don't follow the common sense; he's shown to be somewhat egocentric and selfish, as he said he was worried only about himself when invited to join an organization that protects the world.[21] In addition, he also claims to be unable to understand feelings like devotion[22] and criticizes believers in non-scientific things,[23] but at the same time cares very much for people next to him, mainly his assistant. He says that even that Chitose might don't be the perfect assistant, she's an essential component to make him accomplish his goals, acknowledging her personal efforts.[24] After getting powers from the Apple, he's been cared more for other people in situations where his powers can help,[25] as well to trust and rely on his comrades to accomplish his goals.[26]

Haiji vs Alan

Heidi's bad chemical with Alan Blackman.

His relationships are also uncommon. He rarely calls people by their name, using jocose[27] or wrong names[28] in most cases, stating that names are nothing but symbols to him.[29] He often lets his mind drive his behavior towards them,[30] what doesn't help him at making friends, although this is something he doesn't seem to be worried about, as he doesn't even know what's friendship at all.[31] Heidi is also somewhat arrogant, calling himself a genius[32] and censoring people that don't agree with him.[33] Due his recollection of a unknown black-dressed person, he tends to dislike people that wear dark outfits, which led them to a grudge against Alan Blackman.[34]

Haiji says beautiful

Heidi amazed by Vivian's powers.

Because of Heidi's scientific perception of the world, he doesn't seem to be attracted by woman, however, in diverse occasions, this perspective led him to constrain them, such as when he innocently commented about the largeness of Chitose's bosom[28] and the smallness of Vivian's.[35] In other cases, however, the opposite effect was observed, like when Heidi's differentiated vision made him amazed by Vivian's powers, making the young lady attracted by him, as this was a reaction that she never would expect in face of the pain she suffered because of them.[36]

Haiji's laught

Heidi's discrete laugh.

Outside his seriousness, Heidi has a jocose and curious side. He has an obsession to investigate everything he discovers, acting nosy and annoying because of this.[37][38] Heidi also tends to joke around in unusual instances, but as he has an unique sense of humor, he's usually the only one that discreetly laughs, without smiling.[39] Sometimes he can also be childish, as seen when he got messed up when trying to tie his tie.[40]

Appearance Edit

Haiji's full appearance

Heidi's appearance.

Heidi has the appearance of a short, skinny and pale-skinned teenage boy, making people refer to him as "kid". He has a messy, aqua blue-green hair and neon green eyes. He's usually depicted with emotionless expressions, with semi-closed eyes and horizontal eyebrows and a slightly opened mouth.

Heidi's new emblem

Heidi's lab coat with his emblem.

As for the outfit, Heidi wears a white lab coat with an underneath navy blue t-shirt. Heidi wears also navy-blue short pants and a beige belt, where he can places his tools' bag, that holds acessories like medical research tubes, on the left side of his waist. He wears also navy-blue sandals and is mostly seen around with a surgical mask under his chin, which he only covers when making his experiments.

Some time after joining the White Joker organization, Heidi acquired an emblem on his lab coat's lapel, that consists of a four-sided star-like symbol, matching the one seen in his one-shot's counterpart's coat.

Abilities Edit

Intelligence and Dexterity Edit

Heidi is a very intelligent person, managing to become a renowned and credited scientist at a so young age, working for a certain Research Institute and having a personal sponsor. He's capable to conduct several researches by performing a wide series of scientific experiments, mainly because of his strong awareness and high capacity of deduction. He managed to learn the powers of Newtonian Apple by himself, while some users had to be taught or research about how to use them, showing that Heidi has a reasoning above average. He has a quite good scientific knowledge, which helps him in his researches and to make up strategies when fighting against his opponents. His logic way of think also led him to discover many possibilities about the powers of Eureka, such as combination or multiple use. Some areas where Haiji has displayed domain include:

  • Chemistry: Heidi has a good knowledge about chemical substances. His laboratory used to be full of equipment used in chemical experiments, and Heidi was shown to be able to prepare a protein-based explosive compound.[41]
  • Biology: Heidi knows very well about biological systems. He even questioned Chitose about which Family her stuffed animal belonged[42], and was somehow able to obtain a lizard whose body glows. He also concluded that James became a monster due to genetic mutations on his body, even though it was an abnormal happening.[43]
  • Medicine: Heidi's medical knowledge made him able to perform autopsies on corpses, and to preserve them for future analysis.[44] He's also able to apply anesthesia into bodies.[45]
  • Mathematics: Heidi was shown to be able to calculate quite long lengths with precision, showing a good capacity of dimensional analysis.[46]
  • Logic: Heidi's logical reasoning has helped him several times when he was using his Eureka. For an example, he predicted that biting the Apple more than once would result in a successive increase of received power.[47] He also concluded that Isaac Newton formulated his theories because he was the adapter of the Apple whose juice he drank.[48]
  • Craftsmanship: Heidi is able to build device with a significant easy, as even hospitalized, he managed to build a remote-activated bomb in the shape of his Apple, making it a perfect replica that deceived even Killed. He also quickly understood the mechanics behind Vivian Blanchard's flying device just by disassembling it a little.[38]
  • History: Heidi is aware and collected several data regarding scientific facts, such as the history of the apple in the human perspective. His knowledge on the area made him able to recognize the previous adapters of several Eureka.[49][50]
  • Physics: Heidi, when battling James, noted that he wasn't able to crush the monster with his current power, subsequently applying the concept of pressure to use the air as a slice to cut James in a half. He also demonstrated principles of acoustics and electricity.[51]

His dexterity is also significantly good. Heidi was able to predict several situations and prepare himself to deal with them beforehand, like when he knew that Killed would try to steal his Apple.[52] Also, due being an Eureka user, Heidi is able to determinate the localization of an Eureka with relative precision.[53]

Gravity Manipulation Edit

When Heidi takes a bite of his Apple, he obtains powers that allow him to manipulate the gravitational attraction forces and its several aspects in a certain area, and between the bodies contained therein. Overall, Heidi's abilities consist on the manipulation of force vectors between bodies, being the type of this force the gravitational one. As gravitational force is a physical quantity that depends on the masses and distance between bodies, and these aren't changed by Heidi when using his powers, it can be assumed that their nature consist in the abrupt alteration of the Gravitational constant in the area affected.

  • Gravity Intensification: Heidi is able to increase the intensity of gravity force exerted by the planet on their target(s), creating an attractive and repulsive force.[54] The same can be done with the gravitational attraction between him and/or other bodies.
Gravity Pull: Heidi can increase the attractive force of a certain body to make objects to be thrown at it with great force.[55] This also makes him able to increase his own gravity to make opponents and objects to be attracted to him, prompting him to launch physical attacks.[56] Additionally, he can intensify the gravity of the Earth to make the target(s) "heavier" and restrain them, with a force strong enough to crush the ground itself, creating a crater.[57][58]
Gravitational Wave: Heidi was shown to be able to perform this movement only after taking two successive bites of the Apple, thus enhancing his powers. He waves his arms down and makes a wide linear area in front of him to be crushed by a strong gravity.[59]
Gravity Push: Heidi is able to make objects to be repelled by him, changing the amount of gravitational force between them and himself, which effectively makes the object fly away with great force from him. It becomes useful when Heidi has his movements restrained by something like a rope.[60]
  • Gravity Nullification: Heidi becomes able to nullify the effect of a planet's gravity to, for an example, allowing him and other objects to float.[61] The power degree of this nullification, that is, the limit of weight that Heidi is able to annul, depends on his experience and strength, but it's known that even enormous parts of buildings can be lifted by the his power even after taking a successive bite of the Apple.[62]
Flight: This ability can be used to allow him and other bodies to levitate above the ground.[55] Once in Zero-G, Heidi is able to fly around freely, matching attractive forces to the direction where he is going to. While flying, Heidi can deliver powerful flying attacks enhanced by gravity, that were strong enough to break Killed's mask and make him bleed.[63]
  • Wall Walking: Heidi can create a pseudo gravitational field into any objects, allowing him to attach himself and others to any surface where they can walk and stand up on it. He can do it at the same time as lifting the very object, what makes it a floating surface for Haiji.[64]
  • Air Slicer: Heidi can even control the gravity exerted on a certain mass of air, what allows him to use it as a slicer, mainly when applying a sudden high amount of gravitational force in a smaller area. He does this by pointing his hand upwards and then swiftly waving it downwards, effectively tracing the region cut by the Slicer.[65][66]
  • Gravitational Controller: Through a precise application of multiple vectors of gravitational force strategically placed on his body, Heidi is able to control his own movements by forcing them. It becomes useful for him once he's with his movements restrained.[67]

It's common for Heidi to perform hand movements in order to have a more precise control over his powers, normally with his arms extended and the hand's palm faced to the side where the gravity is being manipulated.[68] However, this isn't a requirement, as he can freely use his powers even if restrained, though in a smaller scale than those done by waving his hands. In addition, when using the power of the Apple, the stitched smile-like mark of the Apple appears on the his eyes' lower iris.

Enhanced FormEdit

Heidi, being an Hybrid between Human and Mavro, alongside the application of the powers of the Landsteinerian Paint, managed to access a state where the Apple's powers reached their peak.

  • Absolute Gravity Manipulation: Heidi's control of the gravity reaches to a level where even light, an electromagnetic wave whose mass is immeasurably small and only explained by Einstenian's General relativity theory is within his power's range. Such ability implies that the there are no entities that can't be trapped by his powers.[69]
  • Black Hole (ブラックホール, Burakku Hōru): Heidi stretches his hand forward and concentrates an enormous attractive force in a single point, therefore efficiently creating a small black hole, that is impressively under his complete control, absorbing only what Heidi desires in a swirl-like pattern, including light. A quick change of the target being absorbed also can be useful for Heidi to prevent that target from running away.[70]

When in this form, Heidi gains the distinguished stitched smile-like marks of the Apple's crossing their face at the left side, from their forehead to their chin. The same mark can be observed crossing their palms horizontally. Heidi's irises also get darker when in this form.


  • Pythagorean Hammer: An experiment of Heidi consisted in combining his Eureka with Alan's, that proved to be successful. To perform it, Heidi and Alan touched their Eureka, that changed their colors.[71]
Crushing Wave: Once Heidi and Alan activate their powers, they're able to produce a devastating sonic wave that crushes everything in every directions, except in a small are that protects themselves and allies. They stand in the area as well, each one pointing to a side where the wave is being created, therefore creating an Omnidirectional Wave-Shaped Destruction. It was strong enough to destroy everything, from the floor to hard wreckage, inside a White Joker's base.[72]
Disintegrating Slicer: Another move enhanced by the combination is the Air slicer: Heidi does the same hand movement to cut the target with air, and, after being cutted, sound vibrations are reverberated on the cutting local, that cause the destruction of the molecules of the target's body, disintegrating them.[73]
  • Heronian Aeolipile: The second experiment of Eureka combination performed by Heidi and Nils Lees also proved to be successful. To do so, the steam produced by Nils' Aeolipile enveloped Heidi's Apple and the two acquired both Eurekas' powers combined.[74]
Aqua Cage (水の檻アクアケイジ, Akua Keiji): A huge mass of mist is produced around the users, effectively hiding them in the mist while they prepare the attack, that consists in surrounding the target with such mass of mist in the shape of a dome, and then using the gravity to increase the mist's pressure in order to condensate it and create a giant water dome to trap the target inside. Other portions of mist also get condensed, making giant water bubbles to surround the dome as well.[75]
  • Water Cutter (超高圧水切断ウォーター カッター, Wōtā Kattā): By controlling the shape of the water present in the Aqua Cage's wall, the users can mold the water into a syringe-shaped format, that can forcefully eject ultra-high-pressurized water from its pump, that can slice anything that comes in contact with it.[76]
  • Cage Violate (檻の蹂躙ケイジバイオレイト, Keiji Baioreito): Heidi and Nils create several Water Cutters, all of them pointing at a target, and then make all the water present in the dome to be ejected from them with a great force, causing the Aqua Cage to burst into water and be dispelled in rain.[77]

Equipment Edit

Newtonian Apple Edit

Apple square

Newtonian Apple.

Being an Eureka adapter, Heidi is able to use these items, and the one of them that's in his possession is the Newtonian Apple, which grants him access over the ability to manipulate gravity.[78]

The Apple takes the form of an ordinary apple with a single stem protruding at the top. One main differences is that the apple is black in color. It also has a distinct feature located at the lower half of the apple. The feature is a horizontal curve line which extends across the apple's front surface. The said line also has seven vertical lines spread across with different lengths between each others. This particular feature gives off the vibes that the apple is actually "smiling".

Experimental Apparatus Edit

Haiji has a bag carrying small flasks and bottles attached to his belt, that's used by him even when he's not performing experiments. Whether this bag can be used for storing small items it's currently unknown. As a scientist, Heidi always uses a lab coat for identification and dirt protection. Heidi also has a smartphone.[79]

Former Equipment Edit

Laboratory Instruments Edit

Main article: Heidi's Laboratory

Haiji's lab

Heidi's lab filled with various equipment.

Prior to James' rampage in his workplace, Heidi possessed a great amount of experimental apparatus, that allowed him to perform several experiments and practices, such as the study of compounds and the undergoing of autopsies. Among his paraphernalia, it could be observed tubes, erlenmeyer flasks, volumetric flasks, hoses, lamps, a shield,[80] scalpel, a cadaver dissection table,[81] and a laser beam emitter.[82] In addition, Heidi also possessed a bulletin board, boxes, a bookcase and a shelf as data storage, as well an apple tree over the entire laboratory[83] and glowing lizard[84] for his research on the Black Apple and the Glowing Corpses.

Background Edit

Haiji's past encounter

Heidi's mysterious past.

Heidi doesn't know much about his history himself. His farthest recollection is that of 6 years ago, to be in a large area where the amount of Glowing Corpses was so big that covered the entire floor. Near to him, he spotted a bitten Black Apple and a pitch black-dressed person smiling to him. He later would call the attention of a certain orphanage and receive the name "Heidi".[85]

Kid Haiji

Heidi's loneliness as a kid.

With the Apple on his possession, Heidi dedicated his life to discover the truth behind it and the Glowing Corpses, in order to discover the truth about himself. He started to work in a laboratory in Japan for a certain research institute, being sponsored by an old man and having Chitose Toriiooji as his assistant.[86] He somewhat also got the confidence of the local police, as he was referred as the "usual scientist" that deals with abnormal cases.[87] His researches earned him a total patrimony of €13,650,728.00.[88]

Plot Edit

Genius vs. God Arc Edit

Chitose disturbing Haiji

Heidi in the middle of an experiment.

In the middle of a research in his lab, his assistant hastily informs him about a sudden request from the police. Suddenly, an explosion occurs, in which blows Chitose away while Heidi was able to hide behind a protective shield while making a conclusion upon the experiment. After giving his assessment on Chitose's body, his assistant quickly tells him about the request which related to a discovery of a Glowing Corpse. Hearing this, he quickly shoves Chitose away as he leaves the room.[89]

Haiji got stabbed

Heidi in a crisis.

At the crime scene, Heidi can be seen utterly fascinated while laughing hysterically upon seeing the corpse. He then immediately calls his sponsor as he asks for a huge amount of research funds which the sponsor approves on. Later on, Heidi starts performing an autopsy upon the said corpse while he reveals to Chitose about his past and the mysterious apple. As he was speaking, suddenly the corpse wakes up and starts transforming into a horned humanoid. As it brings havoc upon Heidi's Laboratory, Heidi can be seen fascinated rather than frightened while naming the monster James. The monster, James, shows his wrath even more as he starts demolishing the entire lab. Chitose who survives from the falling debris, falls into deep silence as she sees a steel rod stabbing through Heidi's back.[90]

Haiji found a new goal

Heidi stating a new aim on his research.

Seeing his assistant losing her will, he quickly encourages her by stating the true meaning of being a scientist. He also further elaborates on the history of the black apple where he reveals that every people who ate it have lost their life and turned into a Glowing Corpse. Without hesitation, Heidi also eats the apple and suddenly blood came out his entire body. As James about to attack Chitose Toriiooji, a concrete wall can be seen flying towards him which stops him from advancing to Chitose. It turns out that the apple has given Heidi the power to manipulate gravity. Through his newfound power, Heidi can be seen easily defeating James. Later on, he can be seen renewing his goal and stating that his new objective is to reveal everything about this unknown knowledge.[91]

Harpy steals Apple

The transformed Nurse snatches the apple from Heidi.

After the intense fight with James, Heidi was immediately admitted to a hospital for recuperation. In the morning, it can be seen when Chitose Toriiooji came to visit, he has almost entirely healed where he is now able to casually eats the apple and analyzes the apple's capability. Later on, he can be seen spending the entire afternoon conducting some research and experiment in his hospital room. As the night comes, a Nurse comes to check up on him but suddenly she started to transform into a giant winged Harpy that starts chasing Heidi and Chitose all over the hospital. They also find that the hospital has been surrounded by similar monsters as the one chasing them. Heidi quickly escapes to the rooftop as a last resort where his "apple" is snatched by the Harpy which she gives to a mysterious masked figure. As the said figure claims that he has been watching Heidi, he assessed that Heidi is just a mere human and is not the "brethren" who suppose to possess the apple. The moment he passed his assessment, a building block suddenly come falling down towards Heidi and Chitose. However, as calm and collective as always, Heidi is able to quickly stop the building from falling while assessing the apple's capablity. He then reveals that he has been preparing an apple form bomb the entire day in which he quickly detonated, resulting in a point-blank explosion on the masked figure.[92]

God talking to Genius

Heidi cornered by Killed.

To Chitose Toriiooji's surprise, the masked figure survives the explosion. After a slight conversation between him and Heidi, he proceeds to his next attack. Against the attacking Harpy, Heidi resorts in giving her a small scale Gravity Push to the stomach in which forcefully ejecting the two peas out of her. As the Nurse returned to normal, Heidi sends her to Chitose as he challenges the mysterious person who called himself God. Heidi, even with the use of his gravity power, is cornered as his opponent swallowed the peas and transform into a monster himself. However, to the masked figure surprise, Heidi has been secretly taking them to the ocean. As he releases his gravity power, Heidi launches a surprise attack from behind in which draws the masked figure his first blood on the battle. Heidi then quickly escapes to the park where they wait for the nurse to wake up.[93]

Haiji proposing to Chitose

Heidi asking Chitose's hand as assistant.

After leaving the Nurse, Heidi then proceeds on telling his assistant about his prediction about an existence of another Eureka, at the British Royal Museum, England. However, not long after that Chitose suddenly quits her job and runs away, leaving Heidi speechless. In order to bring her back, Heidi visits her house in the morning. Knowing the fact that Chitose's Father had passed away, he quickly turns to her mother and properly asks for Chitose's "hand" in which he got her approval. Heidi then was quickly dragged into Chitose's room for further explanation.[94]

After he does quick scan of the room, Heidi then starts giving his assessments over Chitose's work. He reveals that Chitose has become an essential part for him to achieve the truth.[95] He was then can be seen staying in Chitose's room as he waits for her confirmation. Later on after getting her answer, to everyone surprise, Heidi has actually been slowly moving Chitose's house to the airfield. Upon arriving, Heidi then asks her to go to England with him while calling her Chitose.[96]

White Joker Organization Arc Edit

Haiji analyzing

Heidi conducting research.

Arriving at the British Royal Museum, Heidi quickly conducts a significant research on one of the artifacts, a hammer, displayed. He was then being warned by Chitose Toriiooji for his behavior. However, instead of complying to her, he asked her to negotiate with the Museum to hand over to hammer to him. A panicked Chitose suddenly breaks the hammer in which caused both of them to be dragged into an isolate chamber for further questioning.[97]

Mira intervene

Mira interferes Heidi and Alan's fight.

As they are being detained, a curator who took them for custody, asks them their reasons on their appearance at the Museum. As Chitose apologizes for her action, Heidi reveals that the hammer on display is a fake and accused the man in front of him for possessing the real Pythagorean Hammer. The said man then quickly snatches Heidi's apple from his pocket while claiming that he already knows about the man who awakens the Newtonian Apple. As the man threaten to kill them while activating the hammer, Heidi also activates the apple from a piece of the apple that he hides in his mouth beforehand. However, before they could engage each other, a little girl interferes and surprisingly, asks Heidi to join their organization called the White Joker.[98]

Mira demands an explanation

Heidi rejecting Mira's offer.

Unfortunately, Heidi plainly rejects her offer which caused the girl, Mira, to shower him with questions. However, Heidi remains resolute with his decision in which even Alan Blackman's threat cannot shake him. In fact, the threat sparks another tension between them. Mira who has changed her mind about Heidi, deliberately mentions the fact that White Joker had a connection with his past. Hearing this piece of information, Heidi decides to take a peek on their base.[99] As they reach White Joker's base, Heidi yet again obtained a piece of intel about his memory when Mira reveals one of Mavro's attempts to annihilate humanity. Due to the information about the discovery of a massive amount of Glowing Corpse, Heidi recalls a memory where he met a man cloaked in black robe in the middle of those corpses. He also confirms the reason for his resentment to Alan is also because he wears a black attires.[100]

Haiji suspending falling debris

Heidi preventing a cave-in.

In the middle of their conversation, suddenly an explosion occurs. Mira then explains that they have predicted this upcoming invasion from Mavro. Seeing a person cloaked in black appears with a gigantic monster with him, Heidi and Alan Blackman prepare for a fight.[101] Not long in his invasion, Ragins destroys the main pillar of the base in which creates a cave-in. As Mira and Chitose Toriiooji prepare for emergency procedures, Heidi is kept busy holding the debris from falling to the ground which leaves Alan Blackman to stop Ragins and his puppet.[102]


Heidi and Alan tortured by Ragins.

As Mira finishes the evacuation and Alan Blackman defeats Ragins' puppet, Heidi release the falling debris and enters the fray. He then can be seen being cornered by Ragins without a way to counter his Thalesian Amber's Lightning Bolt.[103] As Heidi and Alan fall into the ground, suddenly the light went out and Mira can be seen rushing to Alan's side. Alan then explains to Heidi that through Mira, he can heal both of them. After being healed by Mira, Heidi quickly releases Chitose Toriiooji, who manages to stop Ragins from killing Mira, from the said Mavro's grip and quickly dragged her to his side while saying that he'll handle the rest of the fight.[104]

The heated fight resumes as Heidi and Alan Blackman have been completely healed. However, Ragins who is unable to shoot electricity anymore, starts rampaging and attacking Heidi and Alan from multiple sides at high speed. Heidi deducts that he stimulates his own muscles by channelling electric current to them.
Combining Eureka

Combining the Eurekas' powers.

As Ragins is now untouchable, Heidi proposes an idea of combining their Eurekas. When the Eureka touches each other, a reaction occurs where they start changing color. However, due to the strain of using Eureka multiple times, Heidi and Alan start vomiting blood and once again fall to the ground.[105]

Seeing their futile efforts, Ragins starts mocking them before being taken by surprise by their devastating combination attack. Heidi and Alan manages to combination "sound" and "gravity" and create a wide scale Crushing Wave which is able to hold Ragins onto the ground. Heidi then proceeds to finish Ragins with another combination attack. As Ragins is in his deathbed, he saw a familiar figure as he sees Heidi's battle stance. However, before he could confirms the mysterious figure, Heidi unleashes a molecules Disintegrating Slicer which vaporizes Ragins completely. Later on, Heidi can be seen collapsing onto the ground due to exhaustion.[106]

Labyrinth of Mist Arc Edit

Mission briefing

Heidi and Chitose preparing for their mission.

After officially becoming a member of White Joker, Heidi and Chitose Toriiooji immediately head off for their first mission. In the aircraft which taking them to a region at France, Heidi can be seen scanning through the basic intel of their mission. As he is intrigued about the coming mission, he also feels delighted as Alan Blackman is not assigned together with him, much to Alan's dismay. Mira also tells them about another member who will be coming with them whom she refers as a tough "Steel Woman".[107]

Vivi's first impression of Haiji

Vivi knocks Heidi down.

As they reached their destination, they are welcomed by the so-called "Steel Woman" who introduced herself by the name Vivian Blanchard. She can be seen giving Heidi and Chitose a grand welcoming by hovering above ground in her palanquin while showering them with roses. However, unfazed as always, Heidi quickly dragged her down with Newtonian Apple's power and quickly dismantle her palanquin to analyze its structure. As Vivi starts shouting at him, he innocently mentions about her flat chest in which Vivi awards him with a fist in the face. A conversation later, they can be seen arriving at the Witch's, who is the prime suspect of the mission, house where Heidi and Vivi boldly enter the house.[108]

At that house, they met a frenchman called Nils who is the grandson of the Witch. He then tells them that his grandmother has been secluding herself inside the Mist Labyrinth. After a slight conversation, they immediately head off to the labyrinth.[109] Upon entering the labyrinth, Heidi starts explaining his hypothesis of Nils' Grandmother being a wielder of an Eureka which he based on the fact that the whole labyrinth is actually made of mist.[110]

Labyrinth's Minotaur

The group engaging a pair of minotaurs.

Further into the labyrinth, the group unknowingly encounter a pair of minotaurs and one of them manages to grab a hold of Heidi. As Heidi asks Vivian Blanchard's assistance, she manages to defeat one of them.[111] Surprisingly, Heidi can be seen standing and observing her during the fight. He tells her that he actually lied and let himself to be taken so he can see Vivi's Sumerian Ruby in action. He then can be seen giving his honest assessments over her power in which makes her blush where she also rejects Heidi's request of her showing him the Eureka's power a second time.[112]

Feeling relaxed after they defeated the minotaurs, they were taken by surprise as the two minotaurs start reconstructing their bodies. As Heidi would like to avoid any meaningless fight, he quickly takes everyone with him and escape by flying using the Newtonian Apple's power. However, as they soar through the labyrinth, unknowingly the Mist Labyrinth starts changing its layout which separated them into two group with Heidi left with Nils.[113]
Enhanced gravity push

Heidi's power after taking two bites of the apple.

Heidi and Nils soon become lost due to the absence of an Eureka Locator which let them to wander aimlessly to every direction. Heidi also concludes that tearing the mist wall only let a single person through at a time and a path from above is useless as the labyrinth would endlessly constructs walls as they advance higher.[114]

At this time, Nils starts venting that he still believes in his grandmother and wants to meet her. Hearing this, Heidi makes a promise that he will fulfill his wish. He then starting to think about conducting an experiment where he takes two bites out the Newtonian Apple. After doing so, Heidi gains a boost of power which let him able to demolish a series of wall at once with his Gravitational Wave. As they move on, Nils asks Heidi whether he wants to be his friend in which Heidi approves. As they reach the witch's chamber after being reunited with Chitose Toriiooji and Vivian Blanchard, they find that Nils' grandmother had passed away.[115]

Seeing the Witch's dead body, Heidi is then taken by surprise from a sudden appearance of a man who calls himself Dodomekis. Heidi proceeds on asking him about his identity only to be brushed of by him, as he stated that he despise talking to men. Later on, he confesses that he was the one who killed Nils' Grandmother, as he puts on his black coat. Seeing Dodomekis in black attire, everyone quickly realize that he is one of the Mavro. Learning about his Mavro's membership, Heidi starts comparing him with the man from his past. Unfortunately, he concludes that he is not the one that he is searching for. [116]

Haiji covered by infectious drug

Heidi bathed with Infectious Poison.

As Dodomekis reveals about his encounters with Nils' grandmother which resulted on the creation of the Mist Labyrinth, Heidi infers that the ever changing Labyrinth was created to prevent the Mavro member attempt of attacking the town where Nils is living by imprisoning him in it.[117] Later on, Heidi can be seen joining Vivian Blanchard fight against Dodomekis by sending him a devastating Gravity Push. However, his attack was rendered useless as Dodomekis quickly regains his ground.[118] Further into the battle, as Vivian being cornered by Dodomekis' Poison Breath, Heidi quickly pulls her away from him. However, it resulted in him unable to avoid Dodomekis' Poison Bath which is filled with Infectious Poison, creating burn-like wounds all over his face and arms which rendering him unable to move.[119]

As he is lying on the ground, Heidi then can be seen telling Dodomekis that there is still one more person who is able to fight.[120] However, his statement resulted in Dodomekis to kick Nils down to the ground as he is rendered immobile. Suddenly, in the middle of the frenzy, the Witch appears. Heidi then bears witness upon Nils' Grandmother handing over a family artifact to Nils. While Nils wondering about the said item, Heidi can be seen ascertain that the particular item is one of the Eureka.[121] The moment that the Mist Labyrinth disperse into thin air, the fight restarted with Nils activating his newfound Eureka.[122] Heidi quickly assists Nils in his fight against Dodomekis by launching a surprise Gravity Push attack. Answering to Dodomekis confusion, he reveals that he has forcibly moves his body by supporting it with gravity. Although, Heidi also realize that due to the complexity of the technique, he cannot hold it for a long period of time.[123]

Dodomekis sudden immobility

Dodomekis almost land punches on both Heidi and Nils.

As Nils come rushing to Heidi's side, he can be seen praising him by saying that he didn't make the wrong choice whilst also stating that from that moment they will be fighting the same enemy. Although, as he praises him, he also casually informs Nils that he will, later on, examines his body for his Eureka compatibility talent which was inherited due to his unique lineage. As they conclude their conversation, they can be seen preparing for another fight against Dodomekis.[124] As Dodomekis felt uneasy as he sees Heidi face, he quickly throws two massive Poison Bath attack at them. Fortunately, Heidi is able to dodge the attack by flying upward. However, as he still trying to regain his balance, Dodomekis can be seen already standing in front of them where he is ready to deliver devastating punches towards Heidi and Nils.[125]

Combining Gravity and Mist

Heidi and Nils combining their Eureka.

After being saved by Vivian Blanchard, who somehow is able to restrain Dodomekis' movements, Haiji proceeds on combining his Newtonian Apple with Nils' Eureka. As they combine them, Nils' Mist Minotaur can be seen dispersing and start surrounding Dodomekis with the dispersed mist. When Dodomekis starts his mockery over their attempt on hiding within the mist, Heidi explains to him that their true intention is to trap him instead. As the mist has completely surround Dodomekis, it starts to change into liquid form. Heidi reveals that using his gravity attraction force, he is able to condense the mist and change its property from that of a gaseous into a liquid form. Seeing Dodomekis who is unfazed by the water dome that they called Aqua Cage, a coil like pole made of the water starts protruding on the inner surface. It then suddenly shot a powerful beam of water which is strong enough to tear the ground apart and subsequently cut Dodomekis' black coat. Heidi quickly enlighten Dodomekis that the dome and the Water Cutter beam are not the only technique that they had prepared. Soon after that, multiple coils of water start protruding from every corner of the inner surface, ready to be activated. The moment Heidi and Nils activate their combined Cage Violate move, all the water coils start barraging the helpless Dodomekis with beams of water.[126]

Black Sphere Portal

Sudden interruption.

As Heidi congratulate Nils for job well done, a sphere of black substances suddenly arise. From inside the sphere, a man dressed in total black can be seen coming out of it. The moment Heidi saw him, he quickly trembles as he is in fear. However, his fear turns into joy and excitement when the Mavro calls him Barschheit and reveals that he is his older brother and the man from his past.[127]

After finding out that the mysterious man from his memories turn out to be his own older brother, Heidi can be seen becoming petrified as he looks at his brother with excitement in his face. He then can be seen falling into silence as he witness his older brother entering the eerie black substance and appearing right in front of him. Seeing his brother's feat, he starts assuming that his brother possesses the Spatial Manipulation ability which is able to create space distortion.[128] After that, Heidi is once again forced to witness his brother exceptional act where he slowly tortures Dodomekis which resulted on the said Mavro's death. As Heidi watches his brother kills Dodomekis, a part of his memories arise where he sees his older brother standing in the middle of a pile of glowing corpses. Heidi then asks him whether the incident of a massive amount of glowing corpses has a meaning behind it.[129]

Nasyasu inviting Barschheit to Mavro

Heidi invited to Mavro by Nacht.

However, the answer he gets from him resulted in Heidi to fall further into depression as the older brother said that the memories that Heidi have were nothing but memories that were inserted to his mind. Furthermore, he also explains that Heidi had lost his memories because he used him as experimental subject and those memories were inserted in order to prompt Heidi to search for him so he could see the result of his experiment. After all of the sudden revelation, Nacht while referring to Heidi as Barschheit, asks him to join the Mavro in which angers his assistant who tries to defend him. Unfortunately, her anger only gives rise to Heidi's uneasiness which is noted by his older brother. He then once again while offering his hand, asks Heidi to choose between the so-called "God" species Mavro or the humans. Heidi who is still shocked after finding about the truth, rises his hand as he trembles.[130]

Haiji declining his brother's offer

Heidi indifferently declines.

Unfortunately, to his brother's and everyone's surprise, Heidi indifferently declines his older brother's offer by saying that the one who will win the war would be the humans. Subsequently, he quickly unleashes a point-blank range Air Slicer while stating that he doesn't want to be called as Barschheit as he ignores his brother's reasoning. However, his surprise attack was proven to be useless as the older brother comes unscratched by it. Heidi then can be seen being pressured by his brother's killing intent while the said brother mentions that his younger brother's answers is "logical" as they're mother is a human. He also mentions that he never experience the sort of fear that his younger brother is having right now. Thus, to his reasoning, he decided to spare Heidi's life as there are still things that are unknown to him but not for his younger brother.[131]

Haiji asking for his friends help

Heidi asking for his friends support.

Moving on, Heidi can be seen still standing helplessly as his brother leaves through his portal. He then can be seen reaffirming his goal and stating that the next time they meet, he will show him the result of his experiment as he intends to intensify his research on the Newtonian Apple. He then can be seen being interrupted by Vivian Blanchard who shyly states that he is not alone which he easily accepts much to everyone surprise.

Later on, he once again embarrasses Vivi with his honest intention of examining her steel body. He also asks Nils to prepare antidote to Dodomekis' poison as they rejoice after their long adventure.[132]

Blood Ties Arc Edit

Medico carrying Haiji

Medico carrying the incapacitated Heidi.

Heidi and the rest of the group arrive in Rome, Italy after completing their mission at France. As Nils uses his Mist Minotaur to carry the three incapacitated White Joker members around the said organization Medical Facility, Heidi suddenly starts vomiting a quite an amount of blood. Fortunately, looking as indifferent as always, he proceeds on asking Vivian Blanchard about the doctor whom is going to treat them. Before he is able to finish listening to Vivi's explanation, a monkey suddenly appears right beside him. Heidi who is in a critical state, is helpless as the said monkey lifts him up and takes him away from the group.[133]

Haiji indifferent to Liz's intimacy

Heidi wondering whether Riz had an eye problem.

A moment later, the monkey enters a treatment room where it placed Heidi in one of the chairs. An unknown voice then can be heard from behind the curtain where it calls the monkey, Medico, as it greets Heidi. Later on, as Vivi and the rest manage to catch up and arrives at the same room, they witness a quite an intimate scene as a young lady is closing her distance to Heidi. As emotionless as always, Heidi nonchalantly asks the said doctor whether she had an eye problem as she is too close to him.
Haiji's wound healing

Heidi's wounds starts to heal.

After hearing the doctor's explanation about her treatment method, Heidi starts questioning about her skills as he assessed that Dodomekis' poison is a type that is yet to be discovered. However, as he speaks, all the wounds on his body have already starting to heal while the doctor, Riz Aquilanti, states that the treatment is complete.[134] Unsatisfied with Riz's unknown method, Heidi quickly activates his Newtonian Apple and nullifies the gravity around him and Riz. He then proceeds on asking her mysterious method, to which she vaguely answer by saying that she is only performing her job and would gladly listens to any of her patients' requests. Hearing such devotion, Heidi proceeds on revealing his Mavro and human hybrid lineage to Riz while asking her to perform a complete diagnosis on his body. As the so-called Maria's Soldier falls into tears, Heidi receives a request from his assistant for her to be involved in which he quickly complies as that is her job.
Experiment on Haiji

Riz performing a diagnosis on Heidi's body.

A full diagnosis of Heidi's body is then performed where a sample of his blood was taken. Riz's reveals that Heidi had an unfamiliar blood to her as she wonders whether it might holds the secret of the Mavro members' strength. Heidi then reminds her that he is only a half Mavro and only able to exert half of the Mavro's Eureka-compatibility. However, Riz argues his opinion while saying that Heidi's hybrid feature might be able to surpass the pure-blooded Mavro's strength, depending on the way he used it.[135]

Later on, Riz proceeds on announcing a new mission for Heidi where she will be participating as well. After Riz Aquilanti reveals the secret of her being a man in which Heidi had already realized, he then briefly explains the said mission. They had to go to Austria to retrieve a painting in which was painted using the Eureka, Landsteinerian Paint.[136]

Haiji tangled by his tie

Heidi stuck in his own tie.

Soon after that, the White Jokers arrive at one of the auction venues in Austria. Heidi, not usually wearing a proper suit, can be seen struggling on tying his tie to which he needs help from Riz Aquilanti. While Heidi complains on Riz's whom oblivious on personal boundary, he can be seen listening as the White Joker's doctor giving a brief explanation on the painting. A moment later, a certain someone starts harassing his assistant which prompts him to defend her by shoving down the said man while once again got tangled by his own tie. As Riz once again helps fixing his tie, they can be seen heading to the venue's hall as the auction begins.[137]

Haiji placing a bidding price

Heidi placing an astonishing bidding price.

As the auction begin, Heidi and Chitose bare witness to the power of Riz's Eureka, the Roentgenian Fluorescent Paper in which enables Heidi to finally understand on Riz's previous unknown healing method.[138] Later on, Riz finally gives his confirmation that the painting they're after, the "Crimson Full Moon", is up for bidding. Heidi who sees that Riz Aquilanti is losing to the previous arrogant millionaire's bidding, quickly placed his own bidding of €13,650,728.00 in which astonished everyone in the venue. His assistant who is oblivious to his wealth, quickly asks the question in which he easily answer by saying that he earns the money from his previous researches while mentioning that such an amount is inexpensive comparing to the knowledge Heidi would gained. Later on, as the White Jokers stare at the "Crimson Full Moon", Heidi can be seen listening as Riz reveals that the possible candidate to wield the Landsteinerian Paint would be his very own assistant, Chitose Toriiooji.[139]

As Chitose starts denying her candidacy for the Eureka, Heidi then prepares himself for a fight as a Mavro approaches them. While activating his Newtonian Apple, Heidi then starts underestimating the approaching Mavro as he had already stand victorious against two of them and knowing the fact that it would be two versus one against the Mavro.
Haiji and Chitose combining their powers

Heidi prepares for counter attack.

As Heidi is still indifferently placed a condescending comment at the said Mavro, Riz quickly grabs his arm to escape when he noticed the danger that the Mavro has in his hands. Unfortunately, the moment they managed to reach the exit, the Mavro is able to land his attack in which manages to injure Riz Aquilanti. Heidi then can be seen being taken by surprise as the self-claimed God-class Mavro is wielding two Eurekas at the same time. The Mavro then quickly targets Chitose Toriiooji as his next prey in which Heidi manages to push her away with his Gravity Manipulation. Unfortunately to his surprise, the attack redirects an hit him in the chest in which resulted in a heavy bleeding. As he knows that he is reaching the death's door, Heidi manages to calm his terrified assistant as he says that he glads that she is safe. His action manages to prompt Chitose to activate the Landsteinerian Paint's power and saves his life. Heidi then can be seen reactivates his Apple for counter attacks.[140]

The moment Heidi activates his Apple, a strange symptom occurs where the mark of the Apple is appearing not only on his eyes but also on his body. He then proceeds on giving his gratitude and appreciation towards Chitose Toriiooji for her assistance. The Mavro, who cannot stand the sight that Heidi survives his judgement, launches another one of his combined Homing Laser attack. To everyone surprise, Heidi is able to deflect the attack with a single swoop of his hand where Riz analyze that Heidi did it purely with his gravitational power.[141]

Heidi unleashing a black hole

Heidi creating a black hole.

Enrages from being outclass by a hybrid such as Heidi, the God-class Mavro initiates his strongest attack towards Heidi and Chitose. The young scientist quickly reacts and starts creating a black sphere upon his hand. The black sphere then starts absorbing all the laser beams created from the Mavro's attack. Riz Aquilanti realized that the peculiar black sphere is actually a compressed Black Hole. Heidi then quickly launches his counter attack while the Mavro is confused by the failure of his strongest attack. Still confused and believes that he is superior than him, the Mavro can be seen being sucked into oblivion as Heidi created another Black Hole at point-blank distance from the God-class Mavro. Heidi then proceeds on declaring, as the Black Hole is dispersing, that with the use of his Newtonian Apple, he will defeat even God.[142]

Deicide Arc Edit

After completing his research and manages to manufacture the Hungry Joker Pills in which able to enhance the level of Eureka-compatibility of a human[143] , Heidi proceeds on heading to Japan. In there along with Chitose Toriiooji, Heidi can be seen meeting up with Killed to intercept the said Mavro's plan of exterminating the humankind. In a dark alley, as Killed greets him upon his arrival, Heidi gives him his gratitude over his teaching about "God" while also mentioning that it is his turn to teach him all about "human".[144]

Heidi attacks Killed

Heidi initiating the fight.

As they move up into the rooftop, Heidi and Chitose quickly activate their Eureka while the young scientist quickly declares that he had already acquired all the knowledge to fight Killed on equal ground. Ignoring Killed's compliment on him, Heidi quickly unleashes his powerful Black Hole technique towards him. Unfortunately to his surprise, Killed had also received a new Eureka, the Darwinian Seed, in which combined with his Mendelian Peas are able to easily dispel the black hole. Subsequently, Killed quickly launches his counter attack and stabs Heidi in multiple places with his claws, rendering him immobilized as he declares that he is now the strongest being on Earth. However, unfazed by Killed's power, Heidi unexpectedly felt pity over the said Mavro as he believes that getting stronger alone is useless an incomparable with rising to power alongside friends and comrades.[145]

Killed who felt ridiculed over Heidi's point of view quickly challenges him to show the so-called power the young scientist put his belief on, which Heidi as he equips his surgical mask, commence his final experiment.
Heidi swallowing the Eureka

Heidi completely swallows the Fruit of Knowledge.

After waiting for Chitose Toriiooji to finish on manufacturing Hungry Joker Pills from their White Joker friends' blood sample, Heidi then asks Killed whether he still remembers about the first Eureka that they had disputed before, the Newtonian Apple. At the same time, all the pills that Chitose had manufactured was swallowed by the Apple as Heidi explains that by going through this process, they managed to create a perfect Eureka. As the young scientist starts referencing from the old testament about the so-called fruit of Genesis, Heidi then calls the evolved Eureka as the Edenic Fruit of Knowledge. Suddenly, Heidi's surgical mask starts to rip apart and creating a huge jaw in which completely swallow the said perfect Eureka. As Heidi finally activates his new Eureka's power and slowly disintegrates Killed's binding over him, he calmly asks the Mavro to carefully observe his power.[146]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Chitose Toriiooji) "Entering the uncharted water with the glee is what being a scientist means!"[147]
  • (To James) "...Now let's conduct an experiment...!!"[148]
  • (To Chitose Toriiooji) "I don't know if it's God or whatever, but... hunting down that knowledge is the goal of my research!"[149]
  • (To Killed) "Now then, there are various things I'd like you to tell me... Dear God!"[150]
  • (To Nils Lees) "As long as you’re afraid of failing and would rather suffer and worry without even trying, there isn’t but a single thing you’ll understand. If there's something you want to know about.. you ought to ascertain yourself! Capture and grasp the truth!"[151]

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever Heidi flies while carrying Chitose Toriiooji with him, he always carries her backward with her back facing forward.[152][153]
  • Heidi's other name, Barschheit, literally means harshness in German.

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