Case 12
Case 12
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Title Groping About in the Fog
Kanji 霧中模索
Rōmaji Muchū Mosaku
Release Date February 5th, 2013
Arc Labyrinth of Mist Arc
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Groping About in the Fog (霧中模索, Muchū Mosaku) is the 12th Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

Hearing a blatant assessment from Heidi, it cannot be helped that Vivian Blanchard turns red in the face. She then starts wondering about Heidi's train of thoughts. As she panics from embarrassment, the two minotaur that they defeated begin regenerating and reform their body with mist.
Escaping from minotaurs

The group decided to escape.

The thought of having a pointless fight, Heidi decided that escaping is a better option while activating his power. As they escape from the minotaurs, the labyrinth starts changing its layout in which separated the group into two. Chitose Toriiooji who ended up with Vivian Blanchard, proceeds with verifying the Witch's location by using the Eureka Locator given by White Joker. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Vivi asks her about her relationships with her instructor. Hearing her own words, Vivi yet again starts panicking where she even ignores Chitose's warning about the appearing minotaur.
Cross Cutlass

Vivian's Cross Cutlass.

In her confused state, Vivi quickly finishes the minotaur with a stunning Cross Cutlass move which slashes the minotaur into four pieces. However, as she forgot to tell Chitose to close her eyes, she expected that Chitose would started to pull away from her. She was proven wrong as Chitose, instead of being afraid, she thinks Vivi is really awesome. Moving on to the designated place, both of them notice a whistling sound from afar.
Enhanced gravity push

Heidi's Gravitational Wave.

At the other side, Heidi can be seen moving around in every direction while dragging Nils Lees with him. He also found out that tearing the wall only allowed one person to pass at the time while going from above is useless, as the mist would started to construct walls against them. After promising Nils that he will reunite him with her grandmother, Heidi then thinking about performing another experiment. He takes two bites of the Newtonian Apple, by doing so, he receives enough power to tear down a few walls at the same time by using an enhanced version of Gravity Push, Gravitational Wave. However, it would seems that the strain for this sort of action is too heavy as Heidi starts to vomit some blood. Nils, while thinking about Heidi's bold actions, wonders and asks Heidi whether he wants to be his friend in which he replies by saying that he and Nils would probably always be together from now.

Lifeless witch

The Witch's lifeless body.

After having quite a frenzy with over twenty minotaurs, Chitose Toriiooji and Vivian Blanchard finally arrives and they also reunited with Heidi and Nils who has been wondering around while tearing down walls. Chitose then informs the guys about the whistling sound that she and Vivi heard which intrigues Nils as he never heard his grandmother whistles before.

As they enter the Witch's chamber, they find Nils' Grandmother sitting at the center of the room. Nils suddenly falls silence seeing his grandma's figure which encourage Vivi to check the witch's condition. She then confirms that Nils' grandmother had already passed away.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Flight
    • Air Slicer
    • Gravitational Wave
  • Metal Manipulation
    • Metallic Body
    • Blade Forging
  • Armed Combat
    • Cross Cutlass


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