Case 3
Case 3
Case Information
Title Genius vs. God
Kanji 天才 vs.バーサス
Rōmaji Tensai Bāsasu Kami
Release Date November 20th, 2012
Arc Genius vs. God Arc
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Genius vs. God (天才 vs.バーサス 神, Tensai Bāsasu Kami) is the 3rd Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit


Killed survives the explosion.

The bomb turns out unable to harm the mysterious person. Heidi then starts to tell him about his theory on all the incident happening around him. He suspects that all of them were the masked man deeds and he speculate that he cannot do it without a method which he thinks would be the same as how his Apple works. Heidi then says that he will make him tells everything that he doesn't know. This encourage the masked man to show Heidi his means of method, an Eureka in a form of Pea Pods.

Enhancing power

Killed enhancing the Nurse's power.

He then enhances the Nurse's power by giving her an extra Pea which made her into a more powerful monster. The nurse the starts to attack Heidi, as she attack, Heidi also send a gravitational force towards her stomach making all the Peas she ingested comes out, turning her back to normal. As Chitose tries to wrap her with clothes, the mysterious person asks her to bring the nurse back to him which Chitose rejected. The mysterious person knows what Chitose sees in humans and explains to her what he sees in humans which makes Chitose shivers in fear.

The new form of Killed

Killed using the Mendelian Peas.

As the mysterious person takes one of the Peas and starts to transform into a flying creature. Seeing this phenomenon firsthand makes Heidi speculates that the Peas is an Eureka that could controls genetic mutation which he assumes to be the Mendelian Peas. He then attacks Heidi which he tells him that he isn't able to touch him. After He confirms that Heidi has escapes and lowers his guard, Heidi suddenly attacks him and evenly bring the words back to the mysterious person and finally escapes.
Haiji deals the finishing blow

The finishing blow.

After all the commotions, another person known as Rosalie asks the mysterious person which she called Killed, if he is done with playing. Killed then says that he has found an interesting person and ask Rosalie not to touch him as he is his pray. Rosalie accepted what Killed says and suddenly reminiscing that she had seen Heidi somewhere before. Meanwhile, Heidi and Chitose are seen in the park as the Nurse regaining consciousness. After she says her gratitude to them, they are seen inside a truck. Heidi tells Chitose that they are going to the British Royal Museum which surprises Chitose. Heidi then explains further that they are going to see the Pythagorean Hammer which Heidi thinks is an "Eureka".

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Genetic Mutation
    • Harpy
    • Self-Mutation
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Wall Walking
    • Gravity Pull
    • Gravity Push
    • Flight
  • Hand to Hand Combat

Trivia Edit

  • In Volume 1, it is revealed that the Nurse would spent the money she had received from Heidi in a shopping spree alongside her younger brother.

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