Chitose's Mother
Chitose's Mother
Character Information
Status Alive
Species Human
Gender Female Female
Nationality Japanese
Workplace Toriiooji Residence
Chitose Toriiooji (Daughter)
Manga Case 4
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Chitose's Mother is the unnamed mother of Chitose Toriiooji.

Personality Edit

Sexy Chitose

Chitose's mother's vision of her daughter.

Chitose's mother is a very cheerful person, seen smiling in almost every occasion. She's also a warm loving mother that really loves her daughter, always thinking about her and giving her advices.[1] When interacting with other people she shows to be a very polite person, even with those she just met, as seen when Heidi visited her house. Unlike her daughter, she doesn't find Heidi a weird person; contrariwise, she even agreed to give him Chitose's hand all of sudden.[2] In other instances, however, she can be comically malicious, as she implied that Heidi and Chitose would do something more than talk while alone in a room.[3] She also cares very much for her daughter's future conjugal life, often matching her with Heidi, due to the fact that her husband was also a scientist, following the idea of "like mother, like daughter"[4]

Appearance Edit

Chitose's mother is a youthful middle-age woman, with pale skin and a short black hair. She's often seen with her eyes closed and smiling, which matches with her cheerful personality. She also usually wears a shirt and pants while in home, as well an apron while making food.[5]

Abilities Edit

Chitose's mother is a normal woman, without any superhuman powers. Still, she's a very good cook, able to make a quite balanced meal that received praises even from a scientist like Heidi, who even asked for more.[5]

Plot Edit

Genius vs. God Arc Edit

Haiji eating breakfast

Chitose's mother cooking for Heidi.

Chitose's mother was first seen in her house, cooking breakfast for Heidi who have arrived moments before, as Chitose entered the kitchen. After getting glad from the compliments given by Heidi about her food, she got enchanted by him, asking Chitose why didn't she tell her that she was working for a cute and brilliant professor, wondering if it was because she used her senior charm to attract him, much to Chitose's embarassment. Ignoring Chitose's statements that she has resigned, she then told her to introduce her father to Heidi, commenting with him how he also was a scientist and died six years ago.[6]

Knowing that Chitose lost her father, Heidi decided to ask directly to her mother for Chitose's hand. In spite of the randomness of the situation and Chitose's protests, her mother openly gave it to Heidi. Angry and confused, Chitose decided to take Heidi to her room to talk with him in private, just to hear from her mother that they'd probably do something more than just talk.[7]

Chitose talks with her daughter

Chitose's mother advises her daughter.

With the conversation finished, Chitose came back to where her mother was, and she started to talk how he reminds her of her dead husband. Then she mentioned that the moments where Chitose was mad because of Heidi were also the moments she found her the happiest ever, and told her to stay with him so he could discover very interesting things.[1] With the duo reconciled, it was shown that Heidi used his powers to move the entire house to an airport, much to Chitose's mother's shock.[8]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Heidi) "Alright ♪ She's all yours!"[4]
  • (To Chitose Toriiooji) "Is it possible you've used the charms of a senior to snatch yourself a juvenile genius scientist, Chitose!?"[9]
  • (To Chitose Toriiooji about Heidi) "That kid will surely make some great discoveries as long as he's got someone indispensable at his side to support him."[10]

Trivia Edit

  • In the Extra Content of the first volume, Chitose's mother is shown to be living in a new, bigger and better house after her previous one was moved to the airport by Heidi.[11]

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