Chitose's Father
Chitose's Father
Character Information
Status Deceased
Species Human
Gender Male Male
Occupation Scientist
Nationality Japanese
Chitose Toriiooji (Daughter)
Manga Case 4
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Chitose's Father is the unnamed father of Chitose Toriiooji. He was a scientist like Heidi, and died six years ago.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Chitose's father, but according to Chitose's mother, he and Heidi are quite alike, as example of their straightforwardness. He was also very steadfast, having faced several hard times on his work, but regardless of how hard such times were, he still enjoyed it.[1]

Appearance Edit

In the picture placed on Toriiooji residence's butsudan, Chitose's father is shown as a middle-aged man, with a short, spiky black hair, closing his eyes and smiling just like his wife. He's also wearing a shirt with a jacket, possibly a laboratory coat, given his occupation.[2]

Background Edit

While alive, it's known that Chitose's father worked as a scientist, but six years ago prior the series' current events, he died in an accident caused by yet unknown means. In honor to his memory, the Toriiooji residence built a butsudan for him, where his relatives pay their respects.[2]

Legacy Edit

Chitose paying respects

Chitose pays her respects to her father.

Chitose's father was introduced by his wife to Heidi while he was in her house, while his daughter payed her respects to him on his butsudan. Heidi was greatly compared to him by Chitose's mother, due their same occupation and similar personality.[2] Such resemblance to her deceased husband led her to support Heidi and convince Chitose to remain as his assistant.[3]

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