Case 9
Case 9
Case Information
Title "Sound" and "Gravity"
Kanji 〝音〟と〝重力〟
Rōmaji "Oto" to "Jūryoku"
Release Date January 16th, 2013
Arc White Joker Organization Arc
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"Sound" and "Gravity" (〝音〟と〝重力〟, "Oto" to "Jūryoku") is the 9th Case of Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker.

Summary Edit

Quick strike

Ragins' quick strike.

As the fight enters a new stage, Ragins initiated by performing a quick strike that deeply wounded Heidi. Unfazed by it, Heidi quickly counters with his Gravity Pull. Unfortunately, it was easily avoided by Ragins. Ragins then increases his speed even more and swiftly slashes both Heidi and Alan Blackman in quick succession without any of them able to touch him. Seeing his speed, Heidi wonders whether the electricity stimulates his muscle. However, he strongly doubted it as Ragins level of power and speed transcends way beyond his original abilities.

Combining Eureka

Eureka being combined.

Being continuously hit without being able to counter, Heidi and Alan decided to try something new. They push their Eureka together and trying to combine their powers. As the Eurekas connect to each other, the apple and the hammer start to change in color. Unfortunately, due to the continuous use of it, the strain of using the combined Eureka is too heavy as they started to vomit blood.

Crushing Wave

Sound and Gravity's Crushing Wave.

However, even with their strength depleted, Heidi and Alan haven't lose their will to fight and begin to prepare their counter attack. As Ragins mocking their futile efforts, a huge wave envelops and destroy every corner the area. Alan utters that the "sound" will spread while Heidi says that the "gravity" will crush, creating a combined Crushing Wave attack which Ragins unable to avoid. Even with his body held to the ground, Ragins still believe that his body will still be able to endure the crushing force. His expectation is proven to be futile, as Heidi launches another combined attack.

Mysterious figure

A familiar figure.

While seeing Heidi preparing his attack, Ragins sees a familiar figure besides him. Before he can determine the mysterious figure's identity, Heidi slashes him in half which also disintegrates his body due to vibration. As Ragins dies by his Disintegrating Slicer, Heidi and Alan fainted from exhaustion. Back in the dark chamber, Rosalie and Killed seems to be unfazed by the defeat of one of their brethren and walked away. As Killed leaves the room, a mysterious voice starts speaking about their meeting and topic for that day and it's eager to have its encounter with Heidi.

Abilities and Equipments used Edit

Abilities Equipments
  • Electricity Manipulation
    • Electrical Impulse
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Gravity Pull
    • Crushing Wave
    • Disintegrating Slicer
  • Acoustic Resonance
    • Sonic Shockwave
    • Crushing Wave
  • Enhanced Durability

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